Alexi Kaye is an accomplished singer and performer who began teaching singing over 15 years ago in a Private singing school called ‘Singing Alive’ in Manly, Sydney. She has an Honours degree in Performance (UWS Bachelor of Arts Music 2000) as well as a Diploma of Education with a double major in music (classroom and private) from the University of Melbourne (Masters of teaching program 2011). Her experience as a singer has led her to receiving awards such as the OzMusic Award for best Blues performer for original band with ‘Extended Family’, and 4th place in the TV show ‘X Factor’ with the accapella group KAYA  – with whom she supported artists such as Renee Geyer, Vanessa Amborosi, Daryl Braithwaite and Jimmy Cliff. She offers singing, songwriting, vocal group work and beginner piano lessons, online or face to face.

More about Alexi – After years of touring as a singer and performer in bands and as a solo artist, as well as teaching singing and conducting choirs (UWS ‘first year choir’; National Youth Performing Arts choir Sydney, People’s choir of Melbourne), Alexi spent time in Europe, touring her own music (Solo Albums :’The Message; ‘Still as a Mountain’). While in London (U.K) Alexi worked first voluntarily and then as a paid staff member at RAW – a non profit community organisation helping young people learn skills in the field of music. Here, Alexi used many of the skills from her music industry experience in Australia – such as her studio recording experience with bands, and as a session singer for the ABC ‘SING’ series, as well as song writing and arranging amongst many others.  

On her return to Australia, Alexi completed the Diploma of Education in Melbourne after which she taught privately as well as in high schools and colleges ( Albert College, Yeshiva Academy, Williamstown High, private lessons for choir members and other students) while performing her own material on piano, guitar and appearing on albums by artists such as MANTRA, Dallas Frasca and Peregrine, as well as doing supports (Karise Eden, Miriam Lieberman) and featuring in shows such as “Leonard Cohen Tribute Night’ at Camelot with 5 time Aria award winning band, Monsieur Camembert.

After 9 years in Melbourne while honing her skills as a singing teacher in schools and beyond Alexi settled in the Central Coast (2019) where she is currently based and runs a music school (Alexi Kaye’s Music School), teaching singing from ages as young as 6 years old. Her lessons cover a variety of aspects from learning about good vocal health, healthy vocal technique to awareness of the breath support system, to being introduced to fundamental musical concepts. Her lessons often cover more than just singing – as a song writer and an experienced Live as well as studio singer and someone who has also spent years in choirs and accapella groups, she can offer guidance in a variety of areas such as arranging, writing, vocal blending and more. 

Alexi Kaye now also teaches beginner piano to students (ages 6 and up). The beginner piano lessons take a creative approach, teaching the fundamentals with an emphasis on improvisation and creativity, while learning musical concepts (as well as note reading etc) in an age appropriate manner.

Alexi Kaye’s lesson style is friendly and professional, and aims to encourage confidence in the student, as well as encourage happy and healthy singing (and playing), no matter what level of knowledge or experience. The lessons are catered to each student’s learning style with an emphasis on finding one’s authentic voice. Everyone is welcome!! Alexi offers online as well as face to face lessons and can help you to get to know your own voice, at your own pace.

“Music is a part of all of us, and belongs, to no-one. Every effort must be taken to remind students, that music is a part of them, and that they have the right, to enjoy and nurture it, for the sake of their own happiness, if for nothing else”.

— Anonymous

What Professionals are Saying

Hilton Rosenthal – (L.A, South Africa, Australia) Music Executive, Producer and Publisher (Carole King, Teddy Pendegrass, Juluka amongst others; Instrumental in developing Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ album – producer and studio engineer)

“I have known Alexi Kaye since she was a member of KAYA, more than 15 years ago. From the first recording session when I heard her sing, it was clear that Alexi has an amazing voice and incredible technique. There is no doubt that any student would be very lucky and have so much to learn from her”.

Mark Walmsley – Music Producer, Composer and Studio Engineer (Muster Dogs, The Gamers 2037, ABC SING series for kids)

“For over 20 years I have performed with, recorded, received produced files from and become a fan of Alexi Kaye.

Alexi was born with a wonderful voice and immense musical talent, but talent can only take you so far. Alexi has worked extremely hard academically to develop her singing, piano playing, songwriting and whistling (!) and honed her craft over a lifetime of performance.

Our performances together were at extravagant parties and corporate events for exacting clients. Alexi kept calm and professional at all times, when others might have faltered. This temperament lends itself to encouraging her students to enjoy learning.

Our recording sessions were for numerous ABC album projects, as well as my own music. Many of the songs we recorded are being heard all around the world”.

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